Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A Warning For Lady Dancers: Watch Your Heels!

Article Written By: Dance Wear

Choosing the right pair of dance shoes can be problematic. Besides the usual sizing problem, ladies usually look for comfort, straps for security, a nice design to go with the outfit and, of course, the size of the heel. Especially when the partner is considerably taller or rather short, the heel can be a deal breaker when buying a pair.

The ideal heel height

While the tendency is to get a stiletto-like the stars in movies seems to be comfortable with, maybe you should leave those for some other day. Tango shoes usually shouldn’t exceed 5 centimeters for you to be able to dance. Some other Latin dances though, like salsa, use that dreaded heel of the stiletto. Other types of dancers don’t even require a heel, usually in the area of hip-hop or street dance.

Take in mind there’s also a correlation between the size you usually wear and the heel. If you wear a small size, your heel should be pretty low. However, if your size is higher than average, you can take a risk and wear a higher heel. Also, if your dance requires you relying heavily on your partner, a higher heel won’t be a problem.

Stability can usually be reached by having some straps to keep your feet in place. However, you can’t ignore that aspect when thinking about heels. There are some heels that are thicker at the top, but thinner at the bottom, able to provide maybe a bit more stability than thin heels.

Heel height and thickness depend on the dancing style and the lady’s previous experience with heels. Whatever one picks, she shouldn’t forget though to have fun!

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