Wednesday, 8 October 2014

The 5 Most important Characteristics of a Smart Ballet Dancer

Having talent alone is not enough to make you the next Sylvie Guillem or Tamara Rojo. If you aspire to become one of these world’s famous dancers, you need to be smart. To help you know what steps to take in becoming a smart dancer, check out the tips below.

Dancing shoes

I guess you know why this came first. Well, if you’re still confused, I’ll spell it out for you. Without the ballet shoes, there’s no dance. So having the right pair is part of being a smart dancer. 

Use of space

Having the right ballet shoes alone will not make you a smart dancer. But also being able to dance in a way that your body is able to relate to the space you’re dancing in, is very vital. By this, you should know how much space to keep between you and other dancers and not cause interference. 

Applying corrections/feedback

To enable you to grow in your dancing career, you’ll have to deal with a lot of experts giving you feedback on went wrong and what went well. Being able to apply these feedbacks in your future dance practice is what sets you apart from your mediocre counterparts and make you a smart ballet dancer.

Understanding music theories

Knowing the theories and difference between diverse types of sounds such as melody, tempo, rhythm, as well as timing will help a dancer present a composer’s message in the right visual way. Music and dancing is not all about useless sounds and moves. It’s about conveying a message. 

Attention to details

Most times, details are what separate the average ballet dancer from the legendary ones. Paying attention to details means you’ll be able to study great dancers and pick those little things that make them remarkable. It’ll also help you to make sure all your body parts work together as a team and set you on the way to becoming a great ballet dancer.

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